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Excell was born in Taiwan. And with Taiwan, comes a complicated history and breathtaking culture. This cultural heritage has shaped the company's vision and its mission, which is to excel in the delivery of a perfect product. Three decades on, Excell is stronger than ever and looking to the future with anticipation. And as Excell moves forward, it hasn't forgotten its humble beginnings and origins,
which are kept as a living testament of its journey, through its magnificent ground gardens and in its adjacent building that is rich in Formosan architecture, artistry, carvings and sculptures. A new brand design to mark a new beginning To mark its progress, Excell has undergone an exciting brand makeover under its new slogan,
and philosophy, 'Because pioneers keep moving'. A strong color combination of Mimosa yellow, the color of happiness, representative of Excell's strive to provide a level of service that is second to none, and a deep blue Jade, a color that is eternal and forever, strikes a balance between the human side of Excell and its ability to provide an excellent quality range of products.